Essay on “If I were the Principal”

If I were the Principal:

One must be ambitious. An ambition gives inspiration I wish I were the Principal. I would become Principal not for the sake of glory or high salary. I would like to do something constructive for the students. I understand that spacious lawn, grand buildings and costly equipment do not make an institution.

I shall make my school an ideal institution. It will be ideal for the teachers. It will be ideal for the students. It will be ideal for the parents who send their children for studies.

I shall appoint teachers who are intelligent and devoted. They will work in a missionary spirit. To get good work, I will give them a handsome salary. This will make them put their heart and soul into their work.

I shall look to the all-around development of studies. I shall make the school a temple of learning. The teachers will become a source of inspiration. I am not in favour of homework. So, the so-called homework will also be done in the school. For this purpose, I shall increase schooling hours.

I would introduce moral education. I would teach the students simplicity, nobility and culture. I would inculcate in the students a feeling of patriotism, secularism and national integration. This would help them become good citizens.

I like the harmonious development of students. Equal attention would be paid to their physical development. I shall make games compulsory for all the students. I fully understand that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body.

I shall attach due importance to the discipline. A peaceful atmosphere in the school is essential for good results. I shall see that the teachers and the students are regular and punctual.

I shall not run the school for commercial purposes. I shall not permit more than twenty-five students in a section. This will improve the teacher-student relationship. Every student will be paid better attention.

I shall provide every facility to the poor and the deserving students. Poverty will not stand in their way. I shall offer liberal scholarships to the poor and deserving students.

I shall myself set an example. I shall try to become an ideal teacher and an ideal administrator. I shall try to become a torch-bearer and source of inspiration to the teachers and the students.

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