Essay on An Ideal Teacher

An Ideal Teacher:

An ideal teacher is one who is rightly devoted to his profession. He has a number of qualities of head and heart. This is why he is loved and respected by students as well as by society.

A wise educationist has well said that a real teacher is noted for his love of learning, love for his students and love for his institution. His first and foremost quality is that he thoroughly knows the subject he teaches. Secondly, he knows the method of teaching in an effective manner.

My favourite college teacher is Prof. R.K. Gupta. He is a teacher of English in our college. He speaks very fluently and correctly. His understanding of the subject is very deep. He can easily bring home to students his point of view. He always comes prepared with the lesson that he has to teach. He is regular and punctual. He does not want to waste the time of his students in idle gossip.

Prof. R.K. Gupta has set a noble example of a high sense of duty, honesty and regularity before us. He believes in practice rather than in words. According to him, an example is better than a precept. He has become our friend, philosopher and guide. He pays particular attention to the weak students. If a student fails to give a good account of himself in the examination, he never loses his temper. He is ever ready to explain a point again and again till the students thoroughly grasp it.

But it does not mean that Prof. Gupta is very lenient or easy-going. He is a strict disciplinarian. He knows how to maintain discipline in class. He takes to task those students who are irregular in their work. He is impartial in his dealings with the students with the result that he is very popular with them.

Prof. Gupta takes a keen interest in games and other co-curricular activities of the college. He knows how to organize debates and literary contests. Just as he impresses us in the class with his knowledge and appealing method of teaching. Similarly in the playfield, he impresses us with his skill in games and the knowledge of the rules governing them.

As Prof. Gupta has created a good impression about himself in each and every sphere of college life, he has earned a good name for himself. His main aim of teaching is to build the character of students. He often tells that if wealth is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost; but if a character is lost, everything is lost. In short, he looks to the all-around development of his students- their physical, mental and moral development.

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