Essay on Five Things I Love

Essay on Five Things I Love:

My first love is my country. Patriotic feelings are inborn and deep-seated in the recesses of my mind. I am proud of my country and my nationality. India is the land of my dreams. She had a mighty past and a great future. She is known for her ancient civilisation which got developed and nurtured in her lap at a time when other people of my world were living in the darkness of ignorance. I believe that my country can still show a way to the world. We shall increase our past glory. My countrymen will explore more and more and probe into all that is yet unknown in the material and the spiritual world.

Next to my country, I love my house. Since my childhood, I have been living in my house. In my house I know I am surrounded by those who love me. Everybody in the house is my well-wisher. I get all comforts and encouragement here. This is the place where I give so little and take so much.

A friend is an asset to a person. He is a true source to one who is in trouble and grief. It is very difficult to choose a friend. But once there is the right choice, one feels pleasure in his company. A true friend can never fail in the hour of trial. He is like a firm rock that gives you support and shelter when you find yourself tossed in the violent wave of calamities. I am proud of my friends who are very few but are definitely true. I have tested them on the touchstone of adversity and I have never found them to want insincerity. They have never given me an opportunity to doubt their honesty and earnestness. They are my loyal friends and I can count on them in an hour of difficulty.

It is rightly said that schools make a nation. These institutions serve as the home of learning. I love my school. One develops here good habits and traits of character which become everlasting.

All that we do in the classroom or on the field has a bearing on our future life. I love my school where I study and the teachers who guide me.

Books are like good and reliable friends. Good care should be taken in the selection of books. A good book is like a companion in whose company one enjoys immeasurably.

My books are like a treasure to me. Valuable thoughts are treasured in books which can be acquired only through study. Books are the source of eternal delight. I feel myself well protected in the midst of books which prepare me for a useful life.

Thus I live with varied interests. If I were to limit my interests I would limit them to the above-quoted five things.

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