Short Essay on Student Unrest

Essay on Student Unrest:

Youth is the future of a nation. So, does the future of India depend upon them? They are the pillars on which the India of tomorrow will rest. But it is said that our youths are being led astray.

Students’ indiscipline has been sweeping through the country. They go on strike. They come into the streets and shout slogans. Sometimes they have to take the law into their hands. They indulge in acts of violence. They throw stones at college buildings, public buses and public property. They even hold up trains and burn buses. They also clash with the police. They do not spare even their teachers.

There are certain reasons for student unrest. The first and foremost cause of unrest among students is the aimless education being imparted to them. They know fully well that they are not going to get employment. Even engineers and doctors are without jobs. In order to show their resentment, they indulge in acts of violence. If employment is assured, student unrest may be eliminated to some degree.

Secondly, politics plays havoc with student’s life. It is at the instigation of the opposition parties that the students indulge in indiscipline. The opposition parties support even their illegitimate demands. In fact, the students play into the hands of the self-seeking politicians. They use them as their tools. The students are made to indulge in antisocial and anti-national activities.

Thirdly, teachers also share the responsibility for student unrest. They fall in inspiring confidence in students. It is because they lack the qualities of leadership. They have no deep knowledge. They fall to face the students boldly. Sometimes, teachers mix with the students to an undesirable degree.

Finally, the students want to change in the system of education. It should be re-fashioned to attract the students during studies and promise status afterwards. The government has tried but not succeeded so far. Even the new generation is no different from the old system. This has frustrated the student.

We cannot as such blame the students alone. The whole of our society is responsible for this state of affairs. The parents and the politicians are also to blame. The government itself must share the blame. It is time that we mend our system of education to instil confidence in students for a better future.

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