Essay on Students and Fashions or Fashions of the Modern Age

Essay on Students and Fashions:

Fashions, yes, the latest fashions are in vogue everywhere today. Most of the young persons all over the world have become fashion-minded. They are under the domination of a fashion craze. To march with the changing fashions and appear modern and up-to-date has become a mania or snobbery with them. The poor persons who cannot afford to adopt the latest fashions are called backward, old-fashioned and conservative.

The boys and girls today spend a lot of their time and money to see themselves in the swing of the latest fashion. They are often seen dressed in expensive suits of the latest cut. They are skilled judges in the matter of dress and eye one another’s clothes with keen interest. Each one of them is anxious to excel others in the beauty and design of his or her dress. Those whose clothes do not fit them are often criticized and become the target of fun and ridicule. Envious glances are cast on those who copy the latest trends in fashion and appear in clothes that are striking in design and perfect in tailoring.

It is seen that students in universities and colleges put on showy dresses to impress their teachers and fellow students. They appear as dandies and fops. They remain busy adjusting their hair and ties and pay little attention to their studies. They feel proud of their flowered silken handkerchiefs and fancy fountain pens which they do not fail to display prominently in their upper pockets. Sometimes they become vain in the observance of the latest fashions. A trend among college and university students is to wear very tight trousers known as “drainpipe trousers” which bring into relief the major part of their legs, hips and waists. Many boys look queer and strange in the bell-bottom trousers.

Then there is a fashion to keep beards. They look like comrades or revolutionaries. Some look like Hippies.

Our girls too suffer from modernity and snobbery. They are snobs because they think too much of their up-to-date fashions. In fact, fashions and women go together. They put on tight-fitting clothes which reveal rather than conceal the various curves of the parts of their bodies. Their clothes, especially the tight shirts and the churidars are so designed as to bring their figures into relief. The headdress, i.e., the dupatta is being completely discarded. If at all it is used, it is put around the neck as a piece of the ornamental show. Modern girls make up their hair in a variety of ways. Their styles are, no doubt, very attractive and do not fail to catch the attention of young men. The use of puff and powder, lipsticks of various hues and shades matching the colours of their sarees, scents and perfumes, etc. have also become very common. The truth is that the modern girls want to appear as Juliets (beloveds) to their Romeos (lovers) and excite their passions.

Fashions are doing great harm to the younger generation both boys and girls. They are a hindrance in their studies. For them to attend a college or university is a sort of hobby or recreation and examinations are an evil. Naturally, their academic side suffers. The practice of mass copying and the declining pass percentage in the various Board and University examinations are a sad commentary on the prevailing fashions.

In addition to the fashions in dress cinema-going and visiting restaurants, coffee houses and hotels have also come into vogue. Students may not learn their lessons but they have thoroughly learnt the names of actors and actresses. In fact, most of our young boys and girls take the cue in fashions from the cinema.

It appears that the craze for fashions has grown so strong today that neither the teachers nor the parents can prevent it. Will our students ever realize the folly of wasting their time, energy and money over silly fashions?

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