Essay on Health is Wealth or Importance of Good Health

Health is Wealth:

Health is one of the greatest blessings that God has bestowed upon us. It is the most precious possession of human life. Health is not only wealth but also success, joy and prosperity. Above all, health is life. An unhealthy person alone can tell what priceless treasure health is.

A man may possess wealth, power and position. He may live in a well-furnished bungalow. He may own a car. He may have dainty dishes to eat. He may have various other comforts of life. But unfortunately, he has no good health all these things have no attraction or charm for him. An unhealthy person is an object of pity. He is a burden to himself and a curse on society. Life becomes dull and uninteresting for him. Health brings vigour and vitality which are so essential to success in life. An unhealthy man suffers from one disease or another. He cannot enjoy mental peace. ‘Sound mind in a sound body’ is a well-known proverb. Regular exercise like a morning walk, purity in words, deeds and thoughts promote health. The Government is trying its utmost to check disease, open hospitals and adopt various other measures to improve the health of the people. It is anxious to see them fit and strong.

In short among the manifold misfortunes that befall mankind, the loss of health is the severest. Wealth, power and position if once lost, can be regained. But it is not so easy to regain the health that one has lost through one’s neglect of a good mode of living. A poor but healthy person is much more fortunate and happier than a rich but sickly one. So it is our greatest duty to maintain good health in order to lead a happy, prosperous and successful life.

Physical fitness or sound health is of utmost importance in life. Our success in life largely depends on it. It is, therefore, essential that we should look after our body which is like a machine. Just as a machine needs constant lubrication, so does our body. Physical exercise keeps our body in proper trim. The Greeks used to worship their body because they knew that a sound body gives us beauty, smartness and sweetness. A person who does not take interest in his body is like one who is half asleep. His body lacks energy, freshness and alertness. Besides this, the mind of such a person is not sharp, but sluggish. If we want mental and physical health, we should improve our bodies. For that physical exercise, games and sports constitute important factors because they are a panacea for all ills.

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