Short Essay on Grow More Trees

Short Essay on Grow More Trees:

Every year we celebrate the Grow More Trees festival known as Van Mahotsav because trees are our friends. Trees play a great part in human life. They meet man’s needs in the matter of food, fuel, furniture, paper, etc. They feed our animals so necessary for our crops. They supply raw materials for many industries. They control floods. We celebrate the forest festival in our country and plant crores of new trees every year.

The uses of trees are so many. They give us cool shade in summer to sit in, fruit to eat, and firewood to burn. They give shelter to birds and animals. They provide wood which is used for making furniture, houses, paper, etc.

The Trees produce oxygen by photosynthesis which is so vital for life on this earth. They are rightly called earth’s lungs. The main greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is absorbed by the trees as a raw material for photosynthesis. Thus forest canopy acts as a sink for carbon dioxide thereby reducing the problem of global warming caused by greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Trees also supply raw materials for our industries. They cause rainfall which is useful for our crops. Their leaves give out water vapors which cool the clouds which bring down rain. Moreover, trees prevent floods. Their roots hold the soil together and thus prevent it from being washed away. Some trees have medicinal properties. Their leaves, roots, and sap cure many diseases.

Trees are not only useful but also beautiful. They add to the beauty of the landscape. The rishis and the saints of the olden days used to live in jungles. Dr. Rabindrnath Tagore set up his International University at Shantiniketan on the banks of the Ganges in the jungle. Living in jungles the rishis found many truths about life, which they wrote down on palm leaves.

In short, trees play a great part in the life of man, animals, and birds. So it is our duty to grow more and more trees.

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