The Fox and The Crow Story

The Fox and The Crow Story:

Once there was a fox. One day he was very hungry. He searched for something to eat but could not get anything. At last, he saw a crow sitting on the branch of a tree. The crow had a piece of cheese in its mouth. On seeing it the fox’s mouth watered. The fox wanted to take the piece of cheese for himself. He said, “What a lovely bird you are! How sweet your voice is! Please sing me a song.” The silly crow was taken in by sweet words. It began to caw. His piece of cheese fell down. The fox ate it up and went his way, saying, “Thank you very much.” In this way, “This story gives us the idea that we should not listen to the flatters.” If the crow had kept the fox away, he would have not lost his piece of cheese.”


Once a hungry fox was moving in the forest in search of food. He wandered here and there but he could not find anything to eat. At last, he saw a crow. The crow was sitting on the branch of a tree. It had a piece of cheese in its mouth. The fox saw the cheese and his mouth watered. He hit on a plan. He praised the crow for its sweet voice and prayed to it to sing a song. The crow felt proud and opened its beak for singing. As soon as it opened its mouth, the piece of cheese fell to the ground. The fox ran away with the cheese and ate it up.

Moral Lesson: “Beware of Flatters” Or “Never Listen to a Flatter”

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