No Pains No Gains

No Pains No Gains:

A silly young cricket spent all his summer singing and making merry. He ate whatever he got and did not lay by anything. When winter came, the ground was covered with snow. There were no leaves or flowers on the trees. So he had nothing to eat. One very cold and rainy day, he felt very hungry and miserable. So he went to an ant and asked for food and shelter promising to pay back the food in summer. “I am your humble servant and friend,” said the ant, “But we ants neither borrow nor lend. What have you been doing all the summer?” “It was pleasant”, said the cricket, “And I have been singing and making merry.” This makes the ant very angry. She turned him out, saying, “Go and dance the winter away.” In this way, this story gives us a moral lesson, “No Pain, No Gain”. If the cricket had worked in summer, he would have not suffered in winter.


It was spring season. Cricket had a merry time. It sang, danced, fluttered its wings, and flew from one flower to another. It did not care for the autumn and winter when there would be no vegetation and nothing for it to live on. It did not store any sort of food for those hard days. Now the spring and summer ended giving place to autumn and winter. Crickets’ merry days were over. It could find no flower, no greenery, and nothing to eat. When utterly starving it approached its friend, the ant, and begged for a loan of a few grains. It promised to return the loan when spring comes next. The ant said to the cricket, “What did you do in spring and summer? Why did you not store food for these days?” The cricket replied that it danced and made merry but did not care to store food for winter. The ant laughed and said, “You silly creature, you have gone without work on good days, now you should go without food on these cold days when there is nothing around to eat.” The cricket felt ashamed and came back to starve and die.

Moral Lesson: “No Pains, No Gains” OR “He Who Doesn’t Work, Doesn’t Deserve to Eat” OR “No Work, No Pay”

Name of the Story- The Ant and the Cricket

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