Short Essay on My Last Day at School

Short Essay on My Last Day at School:

Life has both sides. We have joys, we have sorrows. We meet and we depart. It was a day when I joined the school. A day came that was my last day at the school.

It was the 20th of February 2020. Only a month was left for the Matriculation Examination to start. The Principal of our school had declared preparatory holidays. The syllabus was over. The Principal wanted us to prepare and learn ourselves.

It was indeed a gala day for us. The junior students had arranged a farewell party for us. The programme started at 4 p.m. The lawn was tastefully decorated. A stage was set up for the staff members. We were seated on the front chairs. The junior students sat on the back chairs.

Some of the boys entertained us with songs and titbits.

The theme was in general related to departure.

The principal delivered an impressive speech. It was a thoughtful speech. He advised us to make the most of our time. He impressed upon us that time waits for none. He also advised us not to use unfair means. A few other teachers also delivered speeches of advice.

After that, we were given a light refreshment. One of us thanked the Principal and other teachers for their kind and affectionate behaviour throughout our stay at the school. Then, he thanked the students of junior classes for having entertained us.

Then we posed for a photograph along with the staff members. The Principal sat in the middle chair. Other teachers occupied chairs on both sides. We stood in rows behind the chairs.

It was a day full of strange feelings. We were sorry to miss the teachers, to part company with the class-fellows and junior companions at the school. We were happy that we had completed our job. We were leaving for better prospects. We were on the way to making our career in life.

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