Essay on Beauties of Nature

Beauties of Nature:

The moon, the stars, snow-capped hills, rivers, lakes and budding flowers are the objects of nature. The sight of these majestic and charming objects gives us a thrill of joy. They give solace, comfort to our minds. That is why various poets have written poems in praise of these objects of beauty. These objects cast their spell on other persons as well. We have only to wander a while on the bank of a lake to realize the attraction of flowers. We cannot put into words the feast of natural beauty they present to our eyes.

Nature is beautiful everywhere. She is marvellously beautiful on the top of a mountain. She is mysteriously beautiful on the bed of the sea. Forests, springs, waterfalls, gardens and meadows all surpass in beauty. Nature presents a vast scene of exquisite beauty. All objects of nature, their colours and their forms are a source of joy forever.

The sunrise presents the loveliest scene. Dewdrops on green grass look like pearls. Flowers, fruit trees bathed in rays of the sun, look bright and beautiful. The sun rays pouring over snow-covered peaks present a glorious scene. The chirping of birds in trees has a music of its own. The setting of the sun is equally charming. The starry night looks like a blue sheet studded with jewels. The moon has a soothing effect.

Nature is at her best in spring. Blooming flowers of different colours fill the air with fragrance. Autumn has a charm of its own. The cool breeze produces music in the falling leaves. Winter is no less charming. The snow-capped mountains, the falling of snow have a great attraction. Besides, the blowing of winds, the floating of clouds, the rainbow, the waterfalls all remind us of the greatest artist, God.

To enjoy these beauties of nature, one has to live in nature’s company. A countryman enjoys nature well. A town dweller cannot enjoy the beauties of nature. He gets a crippled view. Nature is most beautiful at places where she is untouched and undisturbed.

Nature has an irresistible appeal. Nature has created beauties for our enjoyment. He who has no eyes to see and appreciate, and no heart to leap with joy at their sight, must be a man with a dead soul.

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