Short Essay on Joint Family System In India

Short Essay on Joint Family System In India:

A Joint family system is a system of household in which all the brothers with their respective wives and children and parents live together. Whatever is earned by the different members is pooled with the eldest member. It is he who is responsible for the budget of the family. This system has long been replaced by the nuclear family system in western countries. But in India, this system is still prevalent.

The joint family system has its own advantages. It develops the spirit of cooperation, sacrifice, mutual goodwill and discipline. Even if some members are unemployed, he gets due benefits as a member. It is good insurance against sudden calamity.

This system is very economical also. Joint Kitchen means less burden. Moreover, the kitchen work is shared by all the family members. In this way, it consumes the lesser time of all. In case some members fall ill, the other members work for them.

But this system is not free from disadvantages also. There develops an ill will against the mother-in-law as she usually lords over the daughter-in-law. She considers herself the supreme commander. The daughter-in-law resents her authority. They consider themselves no less. This creates bitterness. The male member feels very odd. They are divided between respect for parents and love for their wives. They are termed as hen-pecked husbands, the slaves of their wives.

A joint family system can succeed only if all the members have tolerance and mutual interests. This is hard to find these days.

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