Short Essay on A Policeman

Short Essay on A Policeman:

A policeman is known by his uniform. He usually wears a khaki uniform. The colour of his turban differs in different states. A Punjab Policeman has a red turban and so on. He has a leather belt. There is a brass plate on the belt, carrying his number. Usually, he carries a rod in his hand or a whistle.

It is through a policeman that we see the government. He represents the most important department of the State. It is his duty to maintain law and order. It is his duty to maintain peace. It is his duty to protect the life and property of the people. His presence is a sign of safety to the peace-loving citizens. But, he is a terror to the bad characters. They are afraid of him.

In case of physical harm to a person, it is the duty of the police to register a case. In case of theft etc., the police register a case. Then, it has to locate the culprit and file a suit against him. Its duty is to prepare the case to get the accused sentenced.

In the case of riots, it is the police who restore order. In times of danger, it enforces prohibitory orders. In fact, he protects the life of citizens at the risk of his own life.

A policeman is put on traffic duty also. It controls traffic. It challans a driver who does not have a valid driving licence. It can also challan for other irregularities.

A policeman usually gets harsh. It is because of the position he enjoys. It is because of the fact that he does things at the risk of his life. It is because he is not well-educated. It is because he is not so well paid. It is also because the situation sometimes so demands. So, most of the gentlemen are afraid of facing a policeman.

It is our duty to co-operate with him. But the policeman should be polite and considerate. He should be a friend of the common and innocent persons. He should not be rough and harsh. He should bear in mind that he is there to serve the people.

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