Phrases and Idioms Adverbial Phrases

Phrases and Idioms Adverbial Phrases:

Above all (before all other considerations)He is a lazy, foolish and above all dishonest fellow.
After all (in spite of every fact to the contrary)You should not be so harsh to me; after all I have been your student.
Again and Again or over and over again or time and againYou should read the book again and again to understand it thoroughly.
All the same (nevertheless)He is no doubt a weak student. All the same, we are sending him for the examination. It is all the same whether he comes here or not.
All of a sudden (suddenly)The teacher left the school all of a sudden.
At present (now)He is working in the school at present.
For the present (just now)Let us sleep over this matter for the present.
As a matter of fact (in reality)He says that he helped me; as a matter of fact, he opposed me at every step.
As far as, so far asSo far as (as far as), I remember, he did not attend the meeting.
At arm’s lengthYou should keep the mischievous boys at arm’s length.
At a stretch (without any break)He can work twelve hours at a stretch.
At random (without any aim)He fired the gun at random.
Before long (in a short time)Before long the mischievous boy will be taken to task by the teacher.
By and by (after some time)The situation will be under control by and by.
By heart (by rote)Learn this poem by heart, please.
By no means (in no way)He can by no means deprive me of my rights.
By all means (in all ways)I will help you by all means.
Far and wideHis fame has spread far and wide.
Far and nearWe searched for our lost cow far and near.
From time to time (sometimes)He came to see us from time to time.
First and foremost (before anything else)Our first and foremost duty is to serve our country.
Hard by (near)My friend lives hard by.
In the nick of time (just in time)I reached the bus stand in the nick of time.
Into the bargain (besides)He beat me and disgraced me into the bargain.
In secret (secretly)He left the city in secret.
In vain (uselessly)All his efforts went in vain.
In the darkAll along he kept us in the dark about his failure.
Little by little (gradually)The enemy lost strength little by little.
Now and then (occasionally)Our friend wrote to us now and then.
On the one hand………on the other handOn the one hand, you do not want to spend at all; on the other hand, you want all the comforts of life.
On the whole (generally speaking)He is an honest man on the whole.
Off and on (irregularly)My friend comes to me off and on.
Of lateMy uncle has of late been not keeping good health.
Over and above (besides)Over and above being intelligent, he is hardworking.
On a large scaleHe arranged a feast on a large scale.
On its last legs (about to fail and die)The bank is on its last legs now.
On and on (without stopping)We worked on and on till they completed their task.
Sooner or later Everybody has to die sooner or later.
Through and through (out and out, thoroughly)He is a Pakistani through and through.
Without fail (certainly)I want you to finish the work by Monday without fail.
With one voice (unanimously)The audience shouted with one voice that they were with their leader.

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