The Greedy Dog Story

The Greedy Dog Story:

Once a dog was very hungry. He went here and there in search of food. At last, he reached a butcher’s shop. He stole a piece of meat and run to a safe place to eat. On his way there was a small stream while crossing the bridge, he looked into the stream. He saw his reflection in the clear water of the stream. He thought that there was another dog with a piece of meat. He was very greedy. He wanted to take that piece of meat also. He opened his mouth and began to bark it. As he opened his mouth, his piece of meat fell into the water. He repented a lot but it was no use in crying over spilled milk. In this way, this story clearly indicates that greediness is a curse. We should not be greedy.


Once there was a hungry dog. He wandered here and there in search of food. At last, he reached the shop of a butcher. He found a piece of meat. He took that piece in his mouth and ran away outside the village. He reached the bridge of a stream. He saw his own shadow in the water. He thought there was another dog with a piece of meat in his mouth. He wanted to snatch it. He barked at him. As soon as he opened his mouth, the piece fell down into the stream. He lost his own piece of meat and became sorry for his mistake. It is truly said, “Be satisfied with what you have; do not be greedy.”

Moral Lesson: Greed is a curse

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