Robert Bruce and the Spider

Robert Bruce and the Spider:

Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. His motherland was under the English ruler who had conquered his country. Bruce was fired with an intense desire to free his country from the foreign rule. He fought many a time but each time he was routed. After the ninth defeat, he fled to a cave in the forest and hid there. In the cave, he was planning what should be his next move. Just then he saw a spider hanging down along a fine thread. The spider was trying to climb up to its web. It made repeated attempts. Every time when it was near its web, it slipped down. It was now its ninth trial. To the surprise of Bruce, the spider, by degree, reached the web. King Bruce learned a lesson from the tiny spider. He said to himself, “If a spider could succeed in the end, why not I.” This time, he collected his army and fought tooth and nail. Victory smiled upon him. He finally frees his country from the English.


Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. His motherland was under the English. He had a burning desire to free his country. He fought many battles but was defeated every time. He felt disappointed and fled away into the jungles. There he hid in a cave. All of a sudden a spider fell down from the ceiling and hung by a fine thread. It tried to climb up to its web but was not successful. It tried again and again but failed. In this way, it made nine brave attempts but slipped down every time. “It would not try anymore,” said the king to himself, into, the same moment the spider was climbing again! It went up and up and at last reached its goal. King Bruce learned a lesson- try, try again. “If the spider can try again and again and be successful, why not, I ?” But though he. So he took heart, came out of the cave gathered his men, and gave the English a battle. This time he defeated them and made his country free from their yoke.


Once upon a time, there was a king named Robert Bruce. He was defeated in a battle. He was very much disappointed by his defeat. He ran away from the battlefield and thought of finishing his life. He hid in a cave so that he might not fall into the hands of the army. A spider lived in the same cave. It was trying to reach there of the cave but was slipping down every time. At last, it succeeded in its mission after various attempts. King Bruce was deeply moved by this scene and decided to make an effort once again. He tried once more and won the battle.

Moral Lesson: Try, Try Again

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