Some Selective Words Used as Nouns

Some Selective Words Used as Nouns:

  • Black- After the death of her husband she was clothed in black.
  • Blind- We should help the blind.
  • Brave- None but the brave deserves the fair.
  • Break- We came back at the break of day.
  • Can- There is no water in the can.
  • Catch- It was a fine catch and the player was out.
  • Change- Will you give me change for a rupee?
  • Cold- He is suffering from bad cold today.
  • Cut- The cut of this coat is out of fashion these days.
  • Drink- He served us with cold drinks.
  • Drive- We enjoyed a drive in the car.
  • Equal- As a dramatist Kalidas has no equal.
  • Escape- He had a narrow escape from an accident.
  • Fall- The fall of the Roman Empire was sudden.
  • Feed- The baby cries at each feed.
  • Fill- I have had my fill (to my satisfaction or to my heart’s content).
  • Find- This actress is a new find of the director.
  • Fix- I am in a fix now (don’t know what to do).
  • Hide- He deals in hides (skin).
  • Hold- The teacher has no hold upon the students.
  • Ill- We should uproot the ills of society.
  • Know- I am not in the know of your trouble.
  • Laugh- We had a heart laugh in the show.
  • Lead- Pt. Nehru has given the right lead to our country.
  • Lift- He gave us a lift in his car.
  • Meet- We enjoyed the athletic meet yesterday.
  • Move- Your next move is not known to us.
  • Open- I would like to sleep in the open.
  • Over- He was caught in the very first order.
  • Pass- Have you got a free pass for the show?
  • Poor- The rich should help the poor.
  • Reach- This problem is beyond my reach.
  • Refuse- The refuse should always be thrown outside the house.
  • Return- Diwali marks the return of Rama from exile.
  • Run- He has made thirty runs.
  • Stand- The stand taken by him is correct.
  • Throw- He lives at a stone’s throw.
  • Wear (and Tear)- The life of a watch is shortened by its wear and tear (usage).

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