A Sentence and its Kinds

A Sentence and its Kinds:

Every sentence must have at least a verb. A sentence that has one verb is called a simple sentence. Here are a few simple sentences:

  1. The girl plays with dolls. (statement-affirmative)
  2. I do not take tea. (Negative)
  3. Does the girl write a letter? (Question)
  4. Do go there. (Command)
  5. Help me, please. (Request)
  6. Bathe every day. (Advice)
  7. What a fine day it is! (Exclamation)
  8. Alas! I am undone. (Exclamation)
  9. May you live long! (Prayer)
  10. Would that I were a multi-millionaire. (Wish)

The sentence that makes a statement, affirmative or negative is called an Assertive Sentence. Sentences 1 and 2 given above are Assertive Sentences.

A sentence used for asking a question is called an Interrogative Sentence. Sentence 3 above is an Interrogative Sentence.

A sentence having a request, command, or advice is called an Imperative Sentence. Sentences 4, 5, and 6 are Imperative Sentences.

A sentence that expresses sudden feelings of mind is called Exclamatory Sentence. Sentences 7 and 8 are Excalamtory Sentences.

A sentence that denotes a wish or a prayer is called an Optative Sentence. Sentences 9 and 10 are Optative Sentences.

A few more sentences of various kinds are given for thorough understanding.

Assertive Sentences:

  1. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. (Affirmative)
  2. Make hay while the sun shines. (Affirmative)
  3. Two and Two make four. (Affirmative)
  4. Face is the index of mind. (Affirmative)
  5. Brothers and Sisters should love one another. (Affirmative)
  6. The book is not illustrated. (Negative)
  7. She does not take pride in her riches. (Negative)
  8. There is no stir in the air. (Negative)
  9. Opposition cannot be tolerated. (Negative)
  10. She may not keep her word. (Negative)

Interrogative Sentences:

  1. Is he at home?
  2. Will she help the poor?
  3. Who is knocking at the door?
  4. What can I do for you?
  5. Whose book is this?
  6. Where will you intend to live?
  7. Which of the two girls is your sister?
  8. Can a liar be trusted?

Imperative Sentences:

  1. Never tell a lie. (Advice)
  2. Stop writing. (Command or Order)
  3. Help me with money and material. (Request)
  4. Be off at once. (Order or Command)
  5. Eat sparingly. Do not overeat yourself. (Advice)
  6. Please do me a favor. (Request)
  7. Look at the blackboard. (Order)
  8. Let the patient take rest. (Advice)
  9. Let me come in. (Request)

Exclamatory Sentences:

  1. How beautiful the flower is!
  2. What a pretty doll!
  3. Alas! I have lost my purse.
  4. Hurrah! We are heading toward victory.
  5. Bravo! A good hit!

Optative Sentences:

  1. May your business prosper!
  2. If I were a king!
  3. Would that I were the Prime Minister of India!
  4. How I wish I were the monarch of all that I survey!
  5. May God be gracious to my son!

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