Phrases and Idioms Conjunctional Phrases

Phrases and Idioms Conjunctional Phrases:

Although (or though)…..yetAlthough he worked hard yet he could not get through the examination.
As long asHe remained hale and hearty as long as he took exercise.
Both…..andBoth he and his servant turned up in time.
But forBut for your help (Had you not helped me) I would have failed.
Either…..orEither he or his friend is guilty.
In caseIn case (If) it rains, we will not go to school.
In order thatHe works hard in order that (so that) he may get a first-class.
No sooner…..thanNo sooner did we leave home than it began to rain.
Not to speak ofNot to speak of fruit, even vegetables are not available here. (Note: What to speak of is no expression in English.)
Rather…..thanI would rather die than bear this dishonour.
Such… I like such boys as are honest and hard working.
The same as This is the same book as we read last week.
Whether…..orYou shall have to pay the fine whether you like it or not.
Somehow or otherI managed somehow or other to get this post.

Note 1: “No sooner” is followed by “than” and not “when”.

Note 2: “Scarcely” and “hardly” are followed by “when” or “before” but not “than”.

Note 3: When a sentence begins with ‘no sooner’, ‘hardly’ or ‘scarcely’ it takes the interrogative form without the interrogative sign.

No sooner I went out than it began to rain.No sooner did I go out than it began to rain.
Hardly I had stepped out when I saw a serpent.Hardly had I stepped out when I saw a serpent.

So… is used in the negative sentences only.

As… is used in both the negative and positive sentences.

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