Some Selective Words Used as Adjectives

Some Selective Words Used as Adjectives:

  • Arm- He is sitting in an armchair.
  • Base- He is a base fellow (mean).
  • Capital- He was given the capital punishment (death).
  • Care- Our Headmaster is our care-taker.
  • Chance- We had a chance meeting yesterday.
  • Check- The cloth is of check design.
  • China- Here is a China plate.
  • Choice- He wants choice drinks (selected drinks).
  • Cash- He has got the cash payment.
  • Direct- He made a direct attack on me.
  • Due- You have been given the due share.
  • Early- He is an early riser.
  • Elbow- My elbow bone was broken.
  • Fleet- He is fleet of foot (fast).
  • Free- I have got a free pass.
  • Hand- Here is a hand machine.
  • Head- Mr Rahul is the headman of our village.
  • Land- He was involved in a land dispute.
  • Light- Give light food to the patient.
  • Live- Do not touch a live wire (burning or through which electricity is passing).
  • Love- He wrote a love letter to her.
  • Man- In the atomic age man power does not count much.
  • Neither- Neither side won the match.
  • Paper- The child is playing with a paper boat.
  • Pass- Where is your pass book? He got pass marks.
  • Part- I gave Rs. 500 as part payment.
  • Pay- Today is the pay day.
  • Picture- Have you visited the picture gallery?
  • Pocket- He gets Rs. 1000 as pocket money every month.
  • Post- Sunday is not a post day.
  • Rest- We stayed in the rest house at New Delhi.
  • Return- Their return journey was much easier.
  • Sea- All these are sea animals.
  • Show- The show window of his shop is very attractive.
  • Spare- I have no spare money.

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