8 Short Paragraphs in English language for School Students

8 Short Paragraphs in English language for School Students:

Role of the Press or The Newspapers:

The newspapers are the storehouse of day-to-day happenings in the world. They add to our knowledge not only about our own country but also about world affairs. The newspapers also express their opinion about social and political problems through their editorials. They, mold the readers into their own way of thinking. That is why the newspaper is considered a power. In a democracy, the press is a link between the government and the people. It gives news as to what the government is doing. It reflects public opinion as well. It arouses national consciousness on important matters. It teaches the citizens their rights and responsibilities. Every newspaper does not, however, produce a healthy effect. A newspaper should be neutral. It should be fearless and just.

Value of Traveling:

With advancements in the means of transport, traveling has become a means of education. Education here does not mean bookish knowledge. It means a complete understanding of the current ways in which our society and the world work. Bookish knowledge gives us theoretical details. Traveling gives us practical experience. It is, therefore, quite essential that we move from place to place. Students must travel now and then to know for themselves how the world is going. Businessmen have to travel to acquire knowledge of business techniques. Even doctors and lawyers must travel to improve the quality of their work. People travel not only for the sake of pleasure alone. They travel to gain experience which books fail to teach them.

The Crown and Glory of Life is Character:

Character is the greatest quality of a person. It has been rightly said: “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; but if the character is lost, everything is lost.” Character depends upon training. Training starts from the cradle and ends in the grave. Character means virtuous habits and qualities. A man of character lives for others. He shapes society. He builds a nation. He is a source of strength to others. All great men found a place in history because of their character. Some people become great because of encouragement by great character. It was the mother of Shivaji who was behind his greatness. A man of character is like a light-house. He is a great source of inspiration for others.

The Importance of Leisure:

Leisure is very important for a healthy life. We must rest for a few hours every day. We must enjoy a complete holiday every week. We must enjoy a good number of holidays every year. Our energy gets wasted while doing work. This energy is restored only if we have proportionate leisure. Leisure is all the more important these days because man has become very busy. The poor have to keep himself engaged in making both ends meet. The rich are busy making more and more money. It is with the progress in a civilization that life has become so busy. Leisure is, therefore, very essential. But we must make the right use of leisure. We must attend co-curricular activities.

Beauties of Nature:

The moon, the stars, snow-capped hills, rivers, lakes, and budding flowers are the object of nature. These objects comprise the beauties of nature. Nature is beautiful everywhere. She is marvelously beautiful on the top of the mountain. She is mysteriously beautiful on the bed of the sea. The sunrise presents the loveliest scene. Dew drops on the green grass look like pearls. Flowers, and fruit trees, bathed in the rays of the sun, look bright and beautiful. The chirping of birds in trees has music of its own. The starry night looks like a blue sheet studded with jewels. Nature is at its best, particularly in spring. Blooming flowers of different colors fill the air with fragrance. One can, however, enjoy the beauty of nature while living in nature’s company.

Popular Superstitions:

Superstition is a sign of ignorance and backwardness. Still a great majority of people even the educated, follow them blindly. It is not only in India but also in most advanced countries that people believe in superstitions. Number thirteen is regarded as an ominous figure in almost all countries. In Chandigarh, there is no sector 13. Chandigarh was designed by Le Corbusier a French architect. European people consider it lucky if they find a horse-shoe on the road. The howling of a jackal, and the sight of an owl, are considered an ill omen. Indians, in particular, are very superstitious. A journey in a particular direction on a particular day is considered inauspicious. Sneezing from behind a person, ready to leave, is considered a bad omen. Howling of a dog is thought to bring death to someone. We should not attach importance to unscientific things.


Advertisement is the most important art in the commercial world. Advertisement is absolutely essential for a new business to start. It is absolutely essential to keep the business running. Advertisement is a means by which a seller brings his products to the notice of the people. It is the art of the public relationship of a manufacturer. It persuades people to buy a particular thing. With progress in science, new methods of advertisement have come into being. Nowadays, newspapers, radio, T.V., and the internet are the most important means of advertisement. Advertisement is useful both to the seller and the buyer.


Mountaineering has become quite fashionable. Ever since, the conquest of Mount Everest by Hillary and Tenzing, many young people have taken to this sport. Parties of adventurers go trekking across the Himalayan ranges to scale various peaks. It is a sport full of romance and adventure. It is indeed very dangerous. The higher we go, the greater it becomes suffocating. The trekkers have to carry cylinders of oxygen with them. They have to carry the necessary foodstuffs also. The climbers face strong gales of wind and snow storms. Some trekkers fall below and lose their way. Some are buried under snow. It is extremely cold. Not all the members reach the top. Only the most daring spirits move beyond the final camp. Mountaineering requires proper training, skill, and knowledge.

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