Essay on “If I were the Prime Minister of India”

If I were the Prime Minister of India:

India is a democratic country. A democratic country is one where the government is run by representatives of the people. It is from among these representatives that Prime Minister and other ministers are selected. Any person who fulfils certain basic qualifications can become a Prime Minister.

If I become the Prime Minister, I shall conduct the affairs in a different way. As a servant of the people, I shall be selfless, devoted and ready to make any sacrifice for the welfare of the people.

The first thing I shall do is to set an example of moral standards. I shall donate all my property to the nation. I shall keep only that much that is needed to live a simple life. I will discourage corrupt politicians and officials. They shall understand that I mean business.

The second thing I shall do is to start measures for banishing poverty. I shall educate people about population explosion. I shall establish large scale and cottage industries. Only industrialization makes a country prosperous. However, second importance will be given to agriculture as India lives in villages. I shall mechanized agriculture. I shall start agro-based industries to make agriculture attractive. I shall fix minimum profit to the factory owners.

The third thing to which I shall pay immediate attention is education. I shall make education compulsory and free for all up to higher secondary stages. The system of education will be recast to make it job-oriented.

In the fourth place, I shall pay attention to health. I shall set up a network of hospitals and dispensaries in the whole country. Even the villagers will not feel neglected. I shall give equal importance to allopathic, homoeopathic and Ayurvedic systems of medicines.

My fifth programme will be to secure unity and national integration. By the above programmes, most of the people will feel satisfied. In addition, I shall make India secular in the real sense. There shall be no discrimination and no special favour. I shall organize society on the basis of equality, liberty and fraternity.

Lastly, I shall make India a world power. I shall make India strong. The affairs of other countries will not be under my control. So, I shall pay particular attention to the defence of our country. We shall manufacture the latest weapons of war. Every effort will be made to have friendly relations with neighbours. If not, our strength must check them from casting an evil eye upon our motherland.

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