The Problem of World Peace Essay

The Problem of World Peace:

Do you want World Peace? Then follow Nehru’s Doctrine of Panch Sheel. It is the magic formula for peace. One Summit Conference of the heads of great powers was held. It produced no result. Another Summit Conference is being canvased. Such conferences cannot ensure world peace. Wars are born in the hearts of men; so is peace.

Peoples in all countries want peace, and governments in all countries prepare for war. The League of Nations and the U.N.O. are institutions to banish war, yet they have become a potent cause of war. In Korea, the U.N.O itself, which was created to ban war, was fighting a full-fledged war. Statesmen think of war and talk of peace. The war-mongers shout loudest the slogans of peace. In 1950, Communists in all countries collected millions of signatures on the Stockholm Peace Appeal. Also, there are Communist-sponsored Peace Committees in most countries. All this is propaganda, not for the cause of peace, but for the cause of Soviet Communism. World peace cannot come by signature campaigns or by the so-called Peace Committees. Religious people tell us that Buddhism or Christianity or Hinduism will bring the kingdom of peace to the earth. On November 29, 1952, Mr. Nehru remarked before the International Buddhist Conference, “The message that Buddha gave 2500 years ago was a great light, not only to this country but to the entire world. If we apply the principles taught to us by the Buddha, we will win peace and tranquility in the world.” Buddha’s 2500th anniversary was celebrated in India in 1956.

For thousands of years, religions had the whole field clear, They tried to make men morally better and establish peace in the world. But the result has been a series of wars, each more devastating than the previous one. When the world held a maximum number of peace conferences, we had atomic war and now we are threatened with the hydrogen war. The world is not treading the path of peace.

Mr. Nehru and India constitute the strongest force for world peace. The Korean War threatened to develop into a World War. India said “Peace” and there was peace. India became the Chairman of N.N.R.C. in Korea. Similarly, India brought peace to the war-ravaged Indo-China.

In 1956, England, France, and Israel attacked Egypt, and Suez War threatened to become a world war.

The Anglo-American bloc and the Russian bloc have been in a state of the cold war for some years. Sometimes, this cold war threatened to develop into a shooting war. India’s foreign policy, by steering clear of the two blocs, has greatly helped in the promotion of world peace.

So long as there are “haves” and “have-nots”, so long as there are imperialist powers and the subject nations, and so long as there are the exploiters and the exploited so long shall the wars recur. Holy men tell us that permanent peace will be possible if men become angels if nations put the good of others before self-interest if they rid themselves of greed and ambition. This is a counsel of perfection. If we waited for such a golden age to dawn, we might as well wait till the day of Greek calends. Even in the golden days of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, there were wars. Prophets like Rama and Krishna fought wars. So long as man is man, it does not seem probable that war will be totally eliminated. Peace is an interval between two wars. Our object is to make that interlude as long as possible.

Mahatma Gandhi was the prophet of peace and avatar of non-violence. Gandhism is the last hope of the world’s desire for peace. He showed that love and non-violence are stronger forces than the atomic bomb. He conquered the world by the force of love. His kingdom extended over the hearts of humanity. World peace can be established, not by the peace conferences or by the U.N.O. but by heeding the message of the Master, who sleeps at Rajghat. That is the light of peace on the eastern horizon. It shines clear and serenely, like a light-house, showing the path to the ships of State.

Nationalism, capitalism, communism, and imperialism are chief causes of war. So long as there are nations and states, they will fight with each other and all talk of disarmament will be moonshine. In the age of Artificial Intelligence, we should have a One World Government, which will be a guarantee of peace. Separate countries should be like provincial governments; we should be allowed to keep only the police for internal law and order. Only the World Government should keep the army. Ultimately this alone will be the solution to the problem of world peace.

The history of the world is proof that war is no solution to any difficulty. When World War II was in full swing, people were told that as soon as Hitler was defeated, the kingdom of heaven would descend on earth. Hitler was defeated but the world continued in the bad old way. Good cannot come out of evil; peace cannot come out of war. If there is a world war and Atom and Hydrogen bombs are freely used, there will be no world left. The problem of world peace is not simply the problem of war, it is the problem of the future of humanity, and it is the problem of our globe and all its inhabitants. Peace means life, war means death; peace means prosperity, war means bankruptcy. Economists have calculated that if all the money spent on World War II were to be distributed among all the people in the world, each man, woman, and child would get Rs. 30,000.

“War in men’s eyes shall be
A monster of iniquity
In the good time coming:
Nations shall not quarrel then
To prove which is stronger;
Nor slaughter men for glory’s sake-
Wait a little longer.” ……C. Mackay

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