Essay on “A Day in the Life of a Nurse”

A Day in the Life of a Nurse:

The greatest, strongest and noblest passion in this heart of man is that of love. Where love is, there God is. It was this feeling of love for humanity that first led Florence Nightingale to take up the profession of a nurse. Since then the movement has been getting impetus every day. Now we find nurses in every hospital.

The life of a nurse is a hard one. She starts her day by going on the rounds of the same wards in the hospital. She helps the doctor in administering medicine to the patients. She is a friend to the patients and they put much faith in her. Sometimes patients come to the hospital in serious condition. At such times she does not lose her nerves. Rather with an expert hand of sympathy, she sets them at ease. The doctors depend much on her. All day and night she watches over the patients allotted to her.

She keeps a complete and regular chart of the progress or deterioration in the condition of her patients. She always keeps the report ready in the case of every patient. The doctor on his visit can make a ready reference to it. She administers medicine to the patients at specified hours. If there is an operation she assists the surgeon. In the event of such an occasion, she can be depended upon as an efficient assistant. She understands every sign of the doctor and offers him without being asked for.

Patients are generally in pain and in low spirits. She speaks soft words to them and puts hope in their hearts. She is always smiling. She never frowns. Sometimes she has to face very unpleasant situations. Patients are at times difficult to handle. Very often they speak unpleasant words. She does not attach any importance to these and wins their confidence by being constantly good to them. Her greatest asset is her patience. Her life is a sacrifice and suffering. She burdens herself with the sufferings of others. Let us sometimes think of her and the useful work she does.

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