Essay on Inspiring Books or My Favourite Books

Essay on Inspiring Books:

Books are gates to lands of pleasure.
Books are paths that upward lead,
Books are friends, come, let us read.

Books are a great blessing and their study is a source of great pleasure. They are the storehouse of man’s experience and wisdom of ages. They are the fountainhead of most of our knowledge. They broaden our outlook, sharpen our intellect and enlarge the sphere of our sympathies.

A good book is more precious than riches even. Milton is right when he says, “A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit”. A good book inspires us to make our lives noble and sublime.

I have read a large number of books. Books on science have added to my knowledge and information. Books on travel tell us a lot about foreign lands. Religious books improve our morals and build our character. Autobiographies of great men teach us how to become great in the world.

Of all the books I like “The Ramayana” most. I have read it again and again. The Ramayana is full of great wisdom and I study it to derive some moral lessons. Mahatma Gandhi also liked it for this very reason. He looked upon Rama as an ideal man, as an ideal king and as an ideal son, brother and husband. This is why he was anxious to see the establishment of “Ram Rajya” in the country.

The Ramayana is the story of love and sacrifice. It throws light on the qualities that one should have in order to lead a happy and noble life. Being an ideal son, Rama obeyed his father and stepmother and went into exile for fourteen years. He sacrificed everything, his throne, kingdom, worldly comforts, etc. His faithful wife Sita also went with him into jungles. She stood by her husband through thick and thin, Lakshman was an ideal brother. He too went with Rama into exile. He remained with him in his joys as well as sorrows and did not care for his own comforts. His supreme sacrifice is a source of inspiration for us all.

Bharat too was a sincere brother. He shed bitter tears when he learnt of the self-exile of Rama. He was shocked at the cruel behaviour of his mother. He followed Rama into the forest and persuaded him to return and accept the kingdom. When Rama refused to do so, he returned with the pair of the wooden chappel which he placed on the throne. Thus he ruled the kingdom for fourteen years on behalf of Rama as his servant. Wealth and power did not make him greedy.

The Ramayana teaches us an immortal lesson of the victory of the good over the evil. No doubt good people have to face hardships and troubles in the beginning but they are successful in the long run. The path of truth and goodness leads to glory. The path of evil leads to destruction. Rama who stood for truth and goodness came out victorious at long last.

The Ramayana is a highly useful book. Every boy and girl should read it to make his or her life useful. So far as I am concerned, it is a valuable treasure of my life. It has influenced me most and changed the entire course of my life.

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