Essay on My Neighbours

Essay on My Neighbours:

I live in a very decent part of the interior area of Srinagar but even then some of my neighbours happen to be very old and of almost funny temperament.

My first neighbour is a tailor master and is known as Masterji. He is very proud of his title and his skill in tailoring. He is a first-class boaster and attains prominence among the strangers by talking very highly of himself. Whenever you meet him, he will try to impress upon you his art, his past glory and so on which are all baseless and absolutely wrong. The fellow believes thoroughly in assuming false appearance. He tries to dress in white Khadi to appear like a true Congressite. He has a lean thin body. In his loose pyjamas, he looks very funny. He is very jealous of others who are flourishing better than himself but is helpless.

Our second neighbour is an old man who is a clerk in a local press. The fellow is very submissive to his wife. Whenever he comes back from his job, he takes off his suit and enters the kitchen to clean the dirty utensils. After that, he will sweep the floors and then fetch a few pitchers of water onto the second storey. Next, he waits for the further orders of his wife. She asks him to cook rice and vegetables for her, for she is not keeping good health and has a bad headache. The fellow obeys her calmly like a tame animal, for she is of a very aggressive temperament. This old woman is a nuisance to the whole street. When her husband is away, she sits on the threshold of her house and mutters a few offensive, dirty words whenever somebody passes by her. She seems to possess a martial spirit. She is ready to quarrel with anybody who objects to her malicious behaviour. She dominates the women of the lane by frowning at them. The good ladies in order to save themselves from being her targets of rebuke call her “Bari Beebi” and say “yes” to her very nonsense remark. Most of them try to flatter her to make her quarrel with their opponents. This provides a great deal of fun to the on-lookers.

My next neighbour is a young man who is a perfect dandy and thinks himself to be a hero. Though he is not attractive in appearance, yet he professes that women like him much and that he has fallen in love with many young girls. He is a first-class liar. Two things are constantly happening to him, he is constantly falling in love and he is always being invited to dinner parties by great men. As a matter of fact, he is so ugly that no decent girl would like to look at his face even. But he is a man who lives in the world of make-believe. He has a camera and taking snaps of ladies is his prominent hobby.

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