Essay on Wonders of Electricity

Essay on Wonders of Electricity:

Only two centuries ago people looked upon the seven wonders of the world- the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids of Egypt etc.- as the greatest feats of human skill, labour and patience. But these wonders of the olden days pale into insignificance as compared with the wonders of modern science such as the wireless, the television, atomic energy, space exploration and above all electricity.

Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of science. It plays an important part in our daily life. So dependent have we become on it that our life would be dull and difficult without it. It has become a maid of all work. It cooks our food, washes our clothes, grinds our corn, sweeps our houses, heats our rooms in winter and keeps them cool in summer. We use coolers and fans in summer and heaters in winters. We cook our food on electric stoves and press our clothes with electric irons. A said above even pots and utensils can be cleaned with electricity. In short, it is being commonly used in every sphere of human activity. If it is going out, our entire house, village or town will be plunged into darkness.

Electricity has completely revolutionized the methods of travel and transport. Time and distance have been shortened. We have electric trains, buses and cars in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Today there are countless machines which were working with electric power. Cotton is spun and cloth is woven, folded and pressed into bundles by electric devices. There are sugar factories where hundred of tons of sugarcane is crushed daily and sugar worth millions of rupees is produced. Then there are paper mills, match factories, steel plants, oil refineries, ship building yards and other manufacturing units of industry.

Newspapers and books are printed in millions overnight and sold cheap. Computers are our faithful servants who bring the latest news and photographs for us from all the four corners of the world. Computers sum up totals and make other calculatuions with the utmost accuracy. They are being used in banks and offices.

Electricity has proved very useful in the medical world. It is being used to cure such dangerous diseases as nervous disorders, paralysis, cancer. X-rays and ultra-violet rays have caused quite a revolution in the diagnosis of diseases and location of stones and bullets and the fracture of bones. The use of X-rays is now very common in diagnosing and detecting deep rooted diseases. It reveals the inner condition of the living body and the extent and nature of the injury done to the inside. Electric baths have proved very efficacious in nervous and mental disorders.

Another remarkable feature of electricity is the invention of the wireless by Marconi in 1896 and of the television by Baird in 1924. They have linked the whole world for quick and easy communication. You can send messages over thousand of miles in no time. President Carter of America could talk to the astronauts on the Moon by means of the wireless telephone. Today ships, aeroplanes and space ships are equipped with wireless sets to call for immediate help in case of any danger. They can send an SOS (Save our Souls, a danger signal). In addition to this the wireless has proved very valuable in the direction and prevention of crime. It is also helpful in the critical times of famine, flood or war. Television also works with electricity. Astronauts televised the pictures of the Moon to the earth.

In countless other ways electricity has added to human comfort, safety and happiness. The inventions of the radio, the cinema and the television have been very useful in life. They are a good means of instruction and entertainment. Millions of people enjoy speeches, dramas, songs, tit-bits and various other educative features broadcast from the radio stations all over the world.

The television is yet another wonder of electricity. Infact, it is a wonder of wonders. You can not only hear somebody speaking at a distance of thousand of miles, but also, see him actually doing so. You can not only hear a commentary on a Cricket Test Match being played in Australia but actually witness the Match. This invention more than any other has shortened time and distance and has brought one country near another. People thousand of miles apart feel as if they were sitting in the adjoining rooms of the same house. They can talk to one another face to face, but, alas, they cannot touch one another. This is the magic world of electricity, indeed.

In many advanced countries electricity has become a cheap servant. It does everything for the household. It boils and cools water, cooks food, washes and irons the clothes, cleans and dusts the room and the furniture contained in it. There are electric lifts which carry men up and down the high buildings. In fact, there are countless electric machines that weave cloth, cultivate land, grow food, churn milk and perform numberless other jobs, big and small, day and night to make our lives worth living.

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