Essay on The Responsibilities of the Youth in India or Duties of Youth or Role of Young Men in Building their Country

The Responsibilities of the Youth in India:

National Emergency may be caused by either an external attack or an internal threat. But there can be many other critical situations such as flood, famine, drought or earthquake which can be termed as a national emergency. Young persons can play an important role at such a critical juncture.

The young men are the cream of their country, the pillars of its strength and the hope of its future. The young men of today are the citizens of tomorrow. They can make or mar their nation. Out of them will be produced our future leaders and administrators, our generals and soldiers, our pioneers of thought and action. There is, therefore, a happy responsibility that lies on their shoulders.

Today our country is suffering from so many moral, social, economic and political ills. Corruption, inefficiency and nepotism are the order of the day. Our democracy is in danger because of regional, communal, lingual (of language) and other differences. A large section of our people lives in utter poverty. They do not get even two square meals a day, leaving aside clothing, shelter and education. It is the duty of the youth to reform society and ensure social justice to its weaker section.

There are a host of other pressing problems where our young men can lend a helping hand. Our villagers are still backward and students can do a lot to improve them. They can teach the 3 R’s to the illiterate and remove ignorance.

Our system of education also needs urgent reform. The type of education that is being imparted to our youth in colleges and universities at present has failed to be of any practical value for them. In it, there is no scope for intelligence and originality. As it is based only on blind cramming and mass copying, it is not of much utility either. Gandhiji once said, “A type education which does not teach us love and service of our fellow-beings is a mockery and a luxury”. Immediate reform in the education system is called for so that the youth may be better equipped to discharge their duties towards their country and society and be not missed by cheap slogans.

What is worse, today young persons have become the slaves of fashions. The hippie culture has further demoralised them. Our students should not forget their own national culture and good old traditions.

What the nation needs today is people who are selfless and sympathetic, who defend the right and condemn the wrong and who is bold, energetic, upright and responsible. Freedom demands self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. In a democracy the rod of a dictator is absent. It is the people themselves who have to exercise control over themselves from within. Tennyson has well said, “Self-knowledge, self-reverence and self-control, These three alone lead life to sovereign power”.

The youth of a country represents the life and blood of their nation. As such much of the progress and prosperity of their country depends upon its students. Mrs Annie Besant truly said, “The destiny of a nation is folded with its youth as a flower within the petals of its buds. What the young men think today, the nation will think tomorrow”.

The students of a country are its great force and strength. They can play an important role in its defence. They can be used as a reserved defence force which can be helpful in an emergency. They should join NCC and ACC in schools and colleges and the defence services of the country after finish their education. Like disciplined and true soldiers they can form the second line of defence.

In addition to the above, our young persons should be large-hearted. They should be far above communal feelings, narrow-mindedness and sectarian prejudices. They should be true nationalists but at the same time good internationalists.

In short, the responsibilities of our youth are very heavy and serious. The country needs constructive work for its all-around development and prosperity. It needs good teachers, engineers, doctors, technicians and social workers. Above all, it needs disciplined and forward-looking youth.

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