Essay on Unwanted Guests

Essay on Unwanted Guests:

Our culture demands that guests must be served. No guest is unwanted. Every guest must be accorded a warm welcome. A guest comes to honour us and he must be honoured. Every guest should be greeted without knowing his identity. Everything belongs to God. We are all his children. Guests are our own kith and kin. The following lines of a poet can give us the right guidance. A host tells his guest:

This house is mine, but not more than that of His
Who buildeth over these His glorious roof of night and day
And at Whose door none yet ever heard nay.

Goswami Tulsidas, a well known Hindi poet, writes- “We must be cordial to everyone; who knows that the Lord, Himself may knock at our door in the guise of a humble man”. Every faith tells us to be hospitable. Then the question of unwanted guests does not arise.

These teachings, however, only adorn the pages of the history of sacred books. In this age, when dishonesty and fraud are the order of the day, we must be very particular in entertaining a guest. Most of them are unwanted. Hospitality is a rare virtue but it becomes the greatest vice if it is not exercised properly. We must be able to distinguish between real guests and unwanted ones.

It is very interesting to note that in India we have a guest at odd hours. The poor householders have to face great difficulty in entertaining them. They pose that they want nothing but will demand everything one by one. The funniest thing is that at the time of departure they would demand some money on the plea that they spent more or they had lost their money. They would promise to send that money back on reaching their homes. The pity is that you will neither get the money nor see the faces of these guests again.

Some of the guests are actually cheated. They would give you references of your nearest kith and kin and friends. You have to trust them. When they go, you find some of your things missing. You write to those whose reference was given to you. Their reply simple disappoints you.

At this age, we must be very careful in entertaining guests. Most of them are unwanted. They may not always play false with you but you will certainly find them to be bored. Moreover, at this age, a person has to work like a machine. He has no time to entertain guests, leave aside one’s kith and kin. Other guests must be avoided as far as possible lest you should find yourself in a false position someday.

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