Essay on Environmental Pollution: Its Causes and Remedies

Essay on Environmental Pollution:

Recently the problem of atmospheric pollution has become very acute in the west. In India, sufficient attention has not been paid to it so far. If we do not tackle the problem in the right earnestness now, the future generation is bound to suffer from its harmful effects.

The problem of pollution takes different forms such as air pollution and so on. All these kinds of pollution are the result of modern hurry and greed. The main cause of air and water pollution is unbalanced industrial growth, urbanization and deforestation. Big industries give out smoke and dump the waste material on the surface of the earth or in rivers. So water is polluted and the waste matter on the earth produces various poisonous gases which pollute the air. On the other hand, forests that purify the air have been recklessly cut down and new cities and industries have been set up in their place. Trees and plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which is essential for human and animal life. Deforestation also causes soil erosion and floods.

Again, artificial fertilizers are used to increase production. Polluted water is used to water plants and vegetables. In this way vegetables, plants and fruit are polluted and become unfit for human consumption.

If air and water continue to be polluted in this way, man will not be able to live in a healthy way. He will suffer from various diseases. This widespread and increasing pollution must be checked in time to save mankind.

In addition to the above, there is the problem of noise pollution. The noises in a big city particularly are deafening and unbearable. The rush and roar of vehicular traffic, the loudspeakers, the beat of drums and tom-tom by the cinema poster distributors, the loud cries of hawkers and pedlars- all these are very annoying. The sick and the old, the student studying for an examination and the research scholars busy with new discoveries cannot apply their minds to anything when they are surrounded on all sides by disturbing noises. The use of mufflers-mechanical contrivances which decrease sound will go a long way to solve this problem. The loudspeakers should not be allowed to be used at a high pitch. Hawkers and pedlars should be directed to cry at a low-key.

Newspaper pollution is found on a large scale. Newspapers publish news and views in such a distorted manner that the people are misguided. An ordinary reader fails to distinguish between falsehood and truth. Political propaganda, false and distorted news, advertisements of drugs etc. are some of the ways in which public opinion is polluted. This kind of pollution is closely related to moral pollution, the result of our materialism and greed. Bribery has become the order of the day and everybody from the highest to the lowest can be purchased. The businessmen who adulterate food, the black marketer who hoard stocks all are guilty of mortal sin.

In order to check the pollution, there should be balanced and planned industrialization. Urbanization should also be well-planned and diversified. Industrial waste should not be dumped on the earth or in the rivers. It should be suitably burnt. An elaborate programme of planting trees and plants should be taken in hand. Deforestation should be prohibited under law. Polluted water should not be used for irrigation or drinking purposes. People should be made to feel their moral responsibility to keep the atmosphere neat and clean.

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