Adjective and its Kinds

Adjective and its Kinds:

What is Adjective?

An Adjective is a word that is used to qualify or modify a noun or pronoun; as,

  • A sweet mango.
  • A green coat.
  • A careless boy.

The words sweet, green and careless qualify or modify the nouns mango, coat and boy respectively and thus limit their meaning and application.

Kinds of Adjectives:

There are nine kinds of Adjectives. They are as follows-

(1) Proper Adjectives are formed from Proper nouns; as,

  • The Indian soldier (the soldier of India).
  • The French apple (the apple of France).
  • The English language (the language of England).
  • The Kashmir silk (the silk of Kashmir).

Note- A Proper Adjective must with a capital letter.

(2) Descriptive Adjectives or Adjectives of Quality show the kind, state or quality of a person or thing; as,

  • A brave boy.
  • A good game.
  • A lucky chance.
  • A silk girl.

(3) Quantitative Adjectives or Adjectives of Quantity show how much of a thing is meant; as,

  • Much (or little, same, no, any, enough, sufficient) milk.
  • A half holiday.
  • All day.
  • The whole bread.
  • Great joy.

(4) Numeral Adjective or Adjectives of Numbers show many persons or things are meant and in what order or how many times they are taken; as,

  • Ten girls.
  • Second chapter.
  • Double share.
  • All men.

Adjectives of Number are of three kinds-

(I) Definite Numeral Adjectives; as,

  • One, two, three, four, etc. (cardinal numbers).
  • First, second, third, fourth, etc. (ordinal numbers).

(II) Indefinite Numeral Adjectives; as,

  • All girls.
  • A few boys.
  • Several times.
  • Some men.
  • Any person.
  • No guest.

(III) Distributive Numeral Adjectives; as, each, every, either, neither, etc.

(5) Demonstrative Adjectives are used to point out which person or thing is meant; as,

  • This chair.
  • That mango.
  • These boys.
  • Those girls.
  • Such men.
  • The same book.

Note: A, An and The are also Demonstrative Adjectives. They are called the Articles.

(6) Distributive Adjectives refer to each one of a number; as,

  • Each boy.
  • Every man.
  • Either or neither side.

(7) Interrogative Adjectives are used with Nouns to ask questions; as,

  • Whose book is this?
  • Which pen do you like most?
  • What book is that?

(8) Emphasizing Adjectives lay emphasis on the Noun or Pronoun to which they belong; as,

  • This is my own pen.
  • This is the very pen I wanted.
  • It is the same boy that stole my hat.

(9) Exclamatory Adjective- the word what when used with nouns to show surprise; as

  • What nonsense!
  • What a misfortune!
  • What joy!

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