Short Essay on Punctuality


There are many qualities a person should cultivate to become great. Punctuality is one of them. Time waits for none. It maintains its usual speed. If we want to succeed, we must catch with time. We must observe punctuality.

Punctuality means to act in time. It means to be on time. It means to be ready before the actual time. Punctuality does not mean that we should reach the station at nine if the train leaves at nine. It means we should be there at the station well in time to buy a ticket, to find a suitable berth and be comfortable. This applies equally to all situations. If the school starts at 9 o’clock, we should reach school well in time to be in our seats by nine. Provision should also be made to cover any possible delay on the way.

Punctuality is very essential in every walk of life. Whether in office, school, railways, military, shop or anywhere, punctuality must be maintained. It is the key to success. It is the backbone of administration. And, the administration is run in every sphere of life.

If our mother does not maintain punctuality in cooking food, all the members of the family will be late for their work. We shall be late for school. Our elder brother or sister may be late for the business. A little delay at one place will cause inconvenience to many persons. Even the job they attend to will be disturbed. Even other colleagues will be disturbed. If anyone goes late to office other colleagues will feel disturbed. Similarly, if we reach the school late, the studies of the class will be disturbed when we seek permission from the teacher. Our teacher may feel angry. He may even feel upset and may not teach properly for the test of the period.

Due to progress in civilization, the importance of punctuality has greatly increased. If we do not care for the time, it will kick us back. We cannot say how far we fall behind.

Punctuality makes a person great. The English are known for their sense of punctuality. That is what enabled them to be so successful.

Time is running very fast. We must catch it by the forelock. We must observe punctuality in everything.

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