Essay on Importance of Hobbies

Essay on Importance of Hobbies:

It is very important to make the best use of leisure. It is very bad to waste one’s time. We can avoid this wastage only if we learn to do something useful. We call this useful activity a hobby. A hobby can help us most in utilizing our spare time properly. It becomes the best source of recreation. Therefore, every one of us should adopt some hobby.

There are many kinds of hobbies such as photography, stamp-collecting, coin-collecting, carpentry, painting and singing. Almost anything one does with interest is called a hobby.

If you love to swim, it can be a very useful hobby. In fact, there is no exercise more useful than swimming. It builds muscles. It keeps the lungs, heart and various other organs healthy. We should have swimming pools attached to our schools and colleges.

Another important hobby is that of reading books. We should spend our leisure in the library. We should go through informative magazines. We should select good books. These include books of travel and adventure, biographies of great men, books on general knowledge. The habit of reading books will pay throughout life.

Hobbies like stamp-collecting, coin collecting, drawing pictures, photography, playing on a musical instrument are very expensive. The poor students cannot afford them. However, they are most useful for those who can afford the money.

Luckily, we have a small plot of land on the front side of our house. I have adopted gardening as my hobby. Almost all the members of our family have adopted gardening as our hobby. We grow fruit plants and vegetables in that plot. We dig the soil. We hoe the plants. We trim the hedges. We water the plants. Gardening has made our life happy. It enables us to do physical work. It is thus a useful exercise also.

Life without hobbies is quite dull. Hobbies give us change. Change of work refreshes our body and mind. It breaks the monotony of life.

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