Essay on “If I were the Education Minister”

If I were the Education Minister:

One must be ambitious. An ambition gives inspiration. India is a democratic country. Any person can aspire for any post. One can seek election to the Legislative Assembly. If he succeeds, he can become a minister also. I wish I were the Education Minister.

I know that education is a very important department. It makes a person civilized and cultured. It teaches how to become a respectable member of society. In this way, the Education Minister has great responsibility.

As an Education Minister, I shall recast the entire system of education. I shall make education job-oriented. I shall try to delink educational qualification from employment. The minimum educational qualification for every post shall be Matriculation. However, for menial jobs, the qualification would be Middle standard. Every person shall have to qualify for a written test for every job. One getting on the merit list will get the job.

Higher education will be restricted to intelligent students. There will be eliminating tests at every level after Matric. Only the exceptionally intelligent student shall do M.A. Others will be sent for respective trades in which they qualify.

I shall reform the examination system. The present system encourages cramming. The examination system will be recast. There will be house tests every month. The general intelligence of the student will also be encouraged. Twenty out of a hundred marks will be reserved for the teacher’s assessment. Instead of marks and divisions, the student will be given grades. No student shall fail.

Indiscipline among students will not be tolerated. They may form their unions or councils. But they will not be allowed to have links with political parties. No leniency will be shown in this matter.

Due attention will be paid to the teachers. They are the real nation-builders. In order to keep them satisfied, their grades will be liberally revised. Unless they are satisfied, we cannot expect good results.

In short, I shall try to remove any defect that I notice in the present system of education.

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