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Disintegration of Delhi Sultanate

Causes for the Disintegration of Delhi Sultanate: The rule of Delhi Sultans lasted for over three centuries- A.D. 1206-1526. There were many causes that led to the disintegration of Delhi Sultanate. These were: The Sultans of Delhi Sultanate believed in the power of the military. They came and conquered India by the force of their

The Slave Dynasty (1206 – 1290)

Slave Dynasty Important Facts: Mohammed Ghori had no son to succeed him and so after his death, his able slave and viceroy Qutb-ud-din Aibak declared himself his successor in A.D. 1206. The period from A.D. 1206-1290 is known as the period of the Delhi Sultanate. The earliest Sultans of Delhi were known as Ilbarik Sultans