Month: December 2019

One-line Pointer From CDS(II) 2018 Exam

Solved CDS(II) 2018 Exam 1:- The Harappan Site at Kot Diji is close to which one of the following major sites of that civilization? (a) Harappa (b) Mohenjo-daro (c) Lothal (d) Kalibangan Ans:- Mohenjo-daro. 2:- The story Gandatindu Jataka was written in which language? (a) Sanskrit (b) Telugu (c) Tamil (d) Pali Ans:- Pali. 3:-

Tissues [Plant and Animal Tissues]

Tissues [Plant and Animal Tissues] Tissues – A group of  cells having similar structure and performing similar functions is called a tissue. Plant Tissues –  1:- Meristematic Tissues – It consists of rapidly dividing cells. These cells lead to rapid growth in the plant and are thus located in actively growing regions namely, the root