Month: July 2020

Atmosphere and its Structure:

Atmosphere and its Structure: Our earth is surrounded by a vast envelope of air known as the Atmosphere. It is held to the earth’s surface by its gravity. The air is composed of tiny molecules of gases. A molecule is the smallest particle of a substance. These molecules move randomly in all directions in the

CDS Exam 2018, Solved (I)

Civil Defence Services, CDS Exam 2018 (I) 1. Which one of the following statements about ‘Niryat Bandhu Scheme’ is correct? (a) It is a scheme for mentoring first generation entrepreneurs. (b) It is a scheme for crop protection. (c) It is a scheme for the vulnerable section of the society. (d) It is a scheme for

CDS Exam 2019, Solved (I)

Civil Defence Services, CDS Exam 2019 (I) 1: Henry T. Colebrooke was a Professor of Sanskrit in which one of the following institutions?A. Fort William CollegeB. Serampore MissionC. Kashi VidyapithD. Asiatic Society Ans: Fort William College (A) 2: The Deccan Agriculturalists ‘Relief Act of 1879 was enacted with which one of the following objectives?A. Restore

The Mughal Empire (1556-1707)

Mughal Empire Important Facts: Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur (1526-1530): A descendant of Timur on his father’s side and of Chengiz Khan on the side of the mother. Mughals called themselves as Timurids. He was born in 1483. Babur ascended the throne at Farghana, a small principality in Transoxiana, in 1494 after the death of his father

Structure of the Earth

Structure of the Earth: Important Facts Important Terms: Geology- It is the science that deals with nature and earth history. Example- the study of rocks and stones; how the earth was formed, etc. Physiography– It is the study of physical patterns and processes of the earth. Endogenic Forces– Horizontal and vertical movements caused by the