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Rajput Policy of Akbar & Comparison With Aurangzeb

Rajput Policy of Akbar shaped up by the following factors: To enter into the largest military labour market in India in order to suppress Afghans and to break the monopoly of Mughal nobles. The specific economic and strategic importance of Rajasthan. Elements of Continuity: Right from the period of Delhi Sultanate the relations with Hindu

Akbar Theory of Kingship

Factors that Influenced Akbar Theory of Kingship: The Mongolian tradition- the tradition of Yasha by Changez Khan influenced Akbar. Yasha means rejection of all sorts of religious discrimination (i.e. secular ideas were dominant). The Mughal tradition- In this tradition, the divine right of kingship was encouraged. The impact of Secular policies of some of the

Stockholm Agreement-Pollution And Health |स्टॉकहोम समझौता :प्रदूषण और मानव स्वास्थ्य

Stockholm Agreement-Pollution And Health: Constituents Of Air And Their Uses Air Pollution- Causes, Effects, and Control Measures Water Pollution- Causes, Effects, and Control Measures Solid Waste Management Global Warming: Effects and Control Measures UPSC Topper 2013 Gaurav Agrawal Notes For IAS Preparation Environment and Health– NIOS

Sustainable Development

What is Sustainable Development? Sustainable Development may be defined as the successful management of resources for development to satisfy, the changing human needs while maintaining or enhancing the ability of environment and conserving natural resources. The World Commission on Environment and Development Brundtland Commission, 1987 defines sustainable development as, the development that meets the needs

The Big Picture: Responsible AI for Social Empowerment

Responsible AI for Social Empowerment: Montagu Declaration or August Declaration [1917] Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms or the Government of India Act 1919 Rowlatt Act, 1919 Jallianwala Bagh Massacre [April 13, 1919] The Khilafat Movement, 1919-1920 The Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-22) Simon Commission, 1927 Gandhi-Irwin Pact: March 5, 1931 The Government of India Act 1935 Wardha Scheme of Basic

Desh Deshantar – Tap Water for all in rural India | जल जीवन मिशन : हर घर तक नल से जल

Tap Water for all in rural India: Must-Read General Studies Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims Must-Read General Studies Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims in Hindi Must-Read General Studies Booklist for UPSC IAS Mains Must-Read General Studies Booklist for UPSC IAS Mains in Hindi The Vedic Age (1500 BC-600BC) The Vedic Age (1500 BC-600BC)– Hindi

Characteristics of Cro-Magnon Man

Cro-Magnon Man: M. Louis Lartet in 1868 discovered fine skeletons from a cave Cro-Magnon in Les Eyzies, France belonging to two adult men, one woman, an infant and an old man. Its age has been estimated to be 30-40 thousand years (late Pleistocene). Associated finds belong to an Aurignacian culture of upper palaeolithic consisting of