State the differences between Blood and Lymph

Differences Between Blood and Lymph:

Following are the points of differences between Blood and Lymph.

It is a red coloured fluid.It is a colourless fluid.
Blood is opaque.It is almost transparent.
Water content is nearly 55%.Water content is nearly 94%.
Blood is quite viscous. Viscosity is about 4.7.It is less viscous. Viscosity is less than 2.0.
It consists of plasma, blood corpuscles, inorganic and organic substances.It consists of plasma, lymphocytes and no erythrocytes and platelets.
Part of the closed circulatory system.Part of the open circulatory system.
It is rich in proteins, calcium and phosphorous.It has fewer proteins and less of calcium and phosphorous.
Albumin:Globulin ratio is more than unity.Albumin:Globulin ratio is low, 1:5.
It starts from the heart and flows through arteries, capillaries and finally returns to the heart through veins.It starts from tissue spaces and flows through lymph capillaries, lymph vessels and finally joins the subclavian veins by thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct.
It distributes nutrients from one part of the body to another. So, it acts as a vehicle.It transfers nutrients from the blood to the tissues and returns wastes from tissues to the blood. So, it acts as ‘middle man’.
Blood flow is rapid.Lymph flow is very slow.
It contains a normal quantity of carbon-dioxide, metabolic wastes and less concentration of glucose.It contains a sufficient amount of carbon-dioxide, metabolic wastes and a higher concentration of glucose.

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