Causes of Failure of Muhammad Tughlaq

Causes of Failure of Muhammad Tughlaq:

  • On account of the failure of his various impolitic schemes, there was great discontent among the Amirs and the nobles.
  • The last sixteen years of the Sultan’s reign were a period of revolts and rebellions which he repressed at a heavy cost.
  • There was a failure in rainfall and famines which greatly increased the difficulties of the people. Even when the people were facing severe famine the Sultan enhanced the land revenue which was collected with severity. All this increased the difficulties of the people.
  • His wild schemes of the introduction of token currency, transfer of the capital, dream of conquering the world etc. caused a very heavy drain on the royal treasury.
  • The administration of justice and the punishment were very severe. It caused a wild gulf between the Sultan and his subjects. They began to dislike and hate him.
  • The administration of the vast empire became increasingly difficult when the means of transportation and communications were almost absent and difficult.
  • The court was the hotbed of plots and intrigues. The officials were selfish and greedy. The foreigners occupied high positions of responsibility.
  • Above all the character of the Sultan was a mixture of opposites and he could not win over people to his side.

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