Education and Training

Education and Training:

Some people think that education and training are the same. According to these people, man is originally an animal and he possesses all those instincts which are possessed by an animal. So man requires training in order to be able to live in society by redirecting and sublimating his animal-like instincts. Education offers this training.

Training is a narrow concept whereas education is a broader one. In training, there is a set programme to be followed. There are specialized institutions and specialized persons to impart training. It implies preparation under supervision and in a certain framework of rules and regulations. In training, knowledge of a particular subject or skill is imparted to the trainee which does not lead to the all-round development of the child. Training normally refers to the bodily and meant development but education is concerned not only with the mental and bodily development but also with the moral, social, aesthetic, and spiritual development of the child. Training is given by an instructor to a trainee in a formal and systematic manner up to a certain period of time. The education we know is a lifelong process and all education is self-learning.

The following are the points of difference between these terms:

Education is a life-long process from womb to tomb as some call it.Training has a fixed duration.
Education is provided by both formal and informal agencies of education.Training is provided only by formal agencies of education specially established for the purpose.
In the broader sense of the term, education does not follow a rigid and systematic approach.Training has rigid rules and a systematic approach to follow during the course.
Education leads to the all-round development of the body, mind, intellect, and spirit of the child.Training leads to only intellectual and bodily development.
Education is imparted by a teacher in a formal manner as well as in an informal manner. It can be incidental also. Training is given by an instructor in a formal and systematic manner in a certain frame work of rules and regulations.
In education, the desired inner attitudes, and the mental and emotional dispositions of behaviour are secured.In training, the desired outer action is secured.
Education includes teaching as well as training in its ambit and goes beyond that.Training is confined to teaching only. It is a part of education.
Education socializes an individual to become a useful member of society.Training may or may not socialize an individual. Many intellectually trained persons are not social at all.
Education is an act of training the children to face different types of problems of the future life.Training in a particular skill may not enable a child to face different types of problems of future life.
In education, the place of the child is central, pivotal, and of prime importance. The teacher’s role is subsidiary.In training, the place of the teacher and of the content matter is of great importance. The child is not so important.

In short, training is included in education. True education is training the individual to discriminate between good and evil both on the level of physical response as well as mental response. Briefly, education is the training of the intellect, body, and spirit. It is a training in co-operation, love and sympathy.

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