NIOS Book Economics

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NIOS Book Economics

Overview of Indian Economy / Hindi.

Economic Planning in India / Hindi.

Economic Growth and Economic Development / Hindi.

The Problem of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality / Hindi.

Meaning, Scope and its Need in Economics / Hindi.

Collection and Classification of Data / Hindi.

Presentation of Data / Hindi.

Measures of Central Tendency / Hindi.

Measures of Dispersion / Hindi.

Correlation Analysis / Hindi.

Index Numbers / Hindi.

Introduction to the Study of Economics / Hindi.

Central Problems of an Economy / Hindi.

Consumer’s Equilibrium / Hindi.

Demand / Hindi.

Price Elasticity of Demand / Hindi.

Production Function / Hindi.

Cost of Production / Hindi.

Supply / Hindi.

Price Elasticity of Supply / Hindi.

Forms of Market / Hindi.

Price Determination Under Perfect Competition / Hindi.

Revenue and Profit Maximization of a Competitive Firm / Hindi.

National Income and related Aggregates / Hindi.

National Income and its Measurement / Hindi.

Consumption, Saving and Investment / Hindi.

Theory of Income Determination / Hindi.

Money and Banking / Hindi.

Government and the Budget / Hindi.

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