Qualities of a Social Education Worker

Qualities of a Social Education Worker:

Every worker in the field of social education must keep the following saying in mind:

“The child has a photographic memory. His fund of experience is limited but his curiosity is infinite. Learning is, therefore, for him, an adventure and excitement. The adult has already achieved a body of knowledge and experience which normally suffices for most of his needs. He thus has no immediate incentives to acquire literacy. In fact, in many cases, he has to overcome the inertia and an inner opposition to learn to read……..”

He should therefore have the following qualities in him:

  • A social worker must have the capacity to work and should adopt new techniques.
  • A social worker must educate adults in a planned way.
  • The knowledge given to them must be connected with the problems of life and with the other social dealings.
  • He should have the ability to conduct research to find out new techniques and methods and incorporate them properly and accurately.
  • The subject matter taught to them must suit their needs and life problems.
  • “Such interesting material has to be given to him that he feels enthused to carry on his reading habit even after the social worker has left him so that he may not lapse into illiteracy again”.
  • A social worker must be a man having sufficient knowledge of adult psychology. He must be a good teacher and inspirer. He should properly lead and guide the adults.
  • Economic and Sociological background must be properly and sufficiently read by the social worker.
  • It is needed on the part of a social worker to have keen insight and reflect it in his behaviour.
  • A social worker must be a practical man. The mere theory will not suffice the purpose of being a high ideal before the adults who are wise enough.
  • He should have intensive and regular training.

As stated above are various qualities of a social worker. A worker of such type must develop these if he is lacking in them.

“Social Education work can be done by persons who have the sobriety of life. Young and immature persons cannot attract adults and change their (or the adult’s) attitude, outlook and behaviour. If retired and highly educated people, who are imbued with the spirit of service take up this work, the result will be reassuring”.

Training Needed:

Thus, persons selected for this work must be properly trained. They should be the men of correct attitudes and the right views. They would examine the social problems from all possible angles. The family, caste and religious organisation should be stimulated in order to maintain a social uplift. community feeling and social uplift should be properly cultivated and maintained by every social worker.

Other qualities have been nicely summed up in the lines quoted below:

“The social worker should have the capacity to talk intelligently and pleasantly. Having a recreational talent will be an added advantage to make his work interesting and attractive. It is then that he can bring education right into the life of the Community. He must raise the cultural and thinking level of the masses. This he can do more by personal contacts and discussions rather than by book knowledge. His main stress should be upon stimulating instruction calculated to promote individual thinking and moral strength among the masses”. In this way, according to Mr V .R. Taneja, a social worker must not be a man of ordinary dealings and insignificant life, but he must have all the qualities stated above”.

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