Uses of Electromagnetic Waves

Uses of Electromagnetic Waves:

(1) Microwaves and radio waves are used in Radio and TV communication systems. Microwaves are also used to cook food in microwave ovens.

(2) Infra-red rays are used-

  • To see through fog.
  • To reveal secret writings on the walls.
  • They are also used to treat muscular strains.
  • Infrared rays from the sun keep the earth warm.

(3) U.V. rays are used-

  • To preserve foodstuff and make drinking water free from bacteria as UV rays kill bacteria.
  • They are used in detecting the forged documents and fingerprints.
  • They are used to study the structure of molecules.
  • They are used for sterilizing the surgical instruments.

(4) Gamma rays are used to get valuable information about the structure of atomic nuclei.

(5) X-rays are used in-

  • Medical diagnosis like fracture in human bones.
  • They are used in radiotherapy to cure skin cancer and tumors.
  • They are used by detective agencies to detect gold, silver etc. concealed in bags etc.
  • They are used to study crystal structure.

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