Uses of Electromagnetic Waves

Uses of Electromagnetic Waves:

Electromagnetic waves are a type of wave that consists of electric and magnetic fields that oscillate at right angles to each other and propagate through space at the speed of light. Electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, meaning that the direction of the wave propagation is perpendicular to the direction of the oscillations of the electric and magnetic fields. They are produced by accelerating charges, such as electrons, and can travel through a vacuum as well as through various materials, including air, water, and solids. Following are the uses of Electromagnetic Waves:

(1) Microwaves and radio waves are used in Radio and TV communication systems. Microwaves are also used to cook food in microwave ovens.

(2) Infra-red rays are used-

  • To see through the fog.
  • To reveal secret writings on the walls.
  • They are also used to treat muscular strains.
  • Infrared rays from the sun keep the Earth warm.

(3) U.V. rays are used-

  • To preserve foodstuff and make drinking water free from bacteria as UV rays kill bacteria.
  • They are used in detecting forged documents and fingerprints.
  • They are used to study the structure of molecules.
  • They are used for sterilizing the surgical instruments.

(4) Gamma rays are used to get valuable information about the structure of atomic nuclei.

(5) X-rays are used in-

  • Medical diagnoses like fractures in human bones.
  • They are used in radiotherapy to cure skin cancer and tumors.
  • They are used by detective agencies to detect gold, silver, etc. concealed in bags, etc.
  • They are used to study crystal structure.

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