Month: March 2019

Sayyids & Lodhis

Sayyids (1414-1451):- After the death of Nasir-ud-din Mahmud, Daulat Khan Lodi became the Sultan, but was defeated by Khizr Khan(1414-1421) who was Timur’s Viceroy of Multan & Dipalpur & thus was founded the Sayyid dynasty. Khizr Khan claimed his descent from the blood line of prophet Mohammad. Mubarak Shah (1421-1434) was the protagonist of Yahya-bin-Ahmad Sirhindi’s,

Tughlaq Dynasty (1320-1414)

Tughlaq – personal name. Belonged to Qarauna Turk tribe, mixed tribe of Turk & Mongol stock. Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq (1320-25):- Also called Ghazi Malik. First sultan of Delhi who took up the title of Ghazi or Slayer of the infidels. First sultan to start irrigation work. Gave up land measurement & started Batai System or Sharing

The Khaljis (1290-1320)

  The Khalji people were an ethnic group from Western Turkistan. Their ascendancy is known as the Khalji Revolution because  it marked the end of monopoly of power by the Turkish nobility & racial dictatorship. Jalauddin Firuz Khalji (1290-96):- Ali Gurshasp (later sultan Alauddin Khalji) was the nephew & son-in-law of Jalauddin Firuz Khalji. After the

Early Indian Nationalism

Political Associations before the INC (Indian National Congress):- In 1866, Dadabhai Naoroji founded East India Association in London. In 1867, Mary Carpenter, biographer of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, founded National Indian Association in London. In 1870, Poona Sarvajanik Sabha was founded by M.G.Ranade. In 1872, Indian Society was founded by Anand Mohan Bose in Kolkata.

Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society   Was founded by Madame Blavatsky & Col. Olcott in New York in 1875 to revive the ancient religions of Asia mainly Hinduism, Buddhism & Zoroastrianism. Though Adyar (near Madras) became its headquarters in 1882. propagating Hindu beliefs, reincarnation & Karma. The beliefs of the Theosophical Society were a strange mixture of religion,

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda & Ramakrishna Mission Ramakrishna Paramhansa was a priest in the temple of Kali at Dakshineshwar near Calcutta. He aimed at the universal synthesis of all religions. “In a potter’s shop there are vessels of different shapes & forms- pots, jars, dishes, plates, but all are made of one clay. So god is one

Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Swami Dayanand Saraswati & Arya Samaj:- Mula Shankar, later known as Dayanand Saraswati, was born in 1824 in a Brahmin family, in the petty state of Morvi, Kathiawar in Gujarat. Left home at the age of 21 & wandering for 15 years in search of knowledge. At last, in 1860, he found his guru in

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Raja Ram Mohan Roy & Brahmo Samaj:- Gave birth to the Indian Renaissance. Popularly known as the “Father of Modern India”. Born in village Radhanagar, Hooghly District, Bengal on May 22, 1772 in an orthodox Brahmin, but rich zamindar family. He was a profound scholar of Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, English & Bengali & also knew

The ILBARI Dynasty (1206 – 1290)

The first dynasty of the Sultanate was called “the ilbari” because all rulers of this dynasty, except Qutubuddin Aibak, belonged to the ilbari tribe of Turk.   QUTBUDDIN (1206-1210):- Turk of Aibak tribe – Turkish mean “Lord of the Moon”. Received from Mahmud of Ghur a deed of Manumission (freeing himself from slave status) & Chatr