Month: August 2020

Constituents Of Air And Their Uses

Constituents Of Air And Their Uses: Air is invisible to the eye because it contains colourless gases. The major constituents of dry air are nitrogen, oxygen, inert gases and carbon dioxide. Uses of Nitrogen (78.1%): Nitrogen dilutes the effect of oxygen. Oxygen supports burning and respiration. Nitrogen takes no part in burning. Any fire would

Human Genome Project:

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was formally launched in October 1990 in the USA. The project was co-sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Institute of Health (NIH). It envisaged as the US $3 billion, 15 year-effort. The completion of the first draft sequence or map representing about 90 percent of the

DNA Typing or DNA Profiling or DNA Fingerprinting

DNA Fingerprinting- Process and Application: DNA fingerprinting was discovered by Sir Alec Jeffreys in 1985. DNA fingerprinting is a well-known method of identifying criminals by the means of their digital/palmer prints. DNA fingerprinting is a technique to find out variations in individuals of a population at the DNA level. DNA fingerprinting works on the principle

Disaster Management

Disaster Management- Earthquakes, Floods, Landslides, Cyclones, Droughts: Geological processes like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and landslides are normal natural events which have resulted in the formation of the earth that we have today. They are, however, disastrous in their impacts when they affect human settlements. Human societies have witnessed a large number of such natural hazards

CTET December 2018 Question Paper with Answers

Central Teacher Eligibility Test: CTET December 2018 Question Paper with Answers [Paper- I Main] Which one of the following statements is true about the role of heredity and environment?(1) Certain aspects of development are influenced more by heredity and others more by environment.(2) A child’s ability to learn and perform is completely decided by the

UPSC CMS Solved Question Paper 2017

UPSC CMS Solved Question Paper 2017 (Paper I): Which of the following is NOT correct?(a) Hepatitis A does not lead to massive hepatic necrosis(b) Hepatitis B vaccination is part of universal childhood vaccination(c) Hepatitis C is commonest cause of transfusion transmitted hepatitis(d) Hepatitis E carries very high mortality in pregnant women Ans: (a) Hepatitis A

Must-Read General Studies Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims in Hindi

Important Booklist for UPSC IAS Prelims in Hindi: History: Ancient and Medieval Indian History: India’s Ancient Past (भारत का प्राचीन इतिहास)  by R.S Sharma. Medieval Indian History by Satish Chandra– Class 11th Old NCERT. Themes in Indian History- Part I: Chapters 1 to 6 The Harappan Civilisation. Early States And Economies. Early Societies. Cultural Developments.

Download NCERT Political Science Books For IAS, SSC And Other Competitive Exam

NCERT Political Science Books For IAS, SSC, And Other Exams- Both In English / Hindi: Class 6th NCERT Political Science: Social and Political Life-I Understanding Diversity. Understanding Diversity (Hindi). Diversity and Discrimination. Diversity and Discrimination (Hindi). What is Government? What is Government? (Hindi). Key Elements of a Democratic Government. Key Elements of a Democratic Government