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Importance of means of Transport in the Modern Age

Importance of means of Transport in the Modern Age: In the modern age, the means of transport include roads, railways, airways and waterways. They are very important to us for the following reasons- The waterways directly transport heavy and bulky raw material for the industries and secondary products. The seas and oceans promote international trade.

Climate- Important Definitions

Climate- Important Definitions: Climate– Climate is the average weather conditions of a large duration, generally 30-35 years. Season- The predominance of an element of weather such as temperature, rainfall and cloudiness over a period of a few months is called a season. Weather- The atmospheric conditions of a certain place for a certain period, such

Why do multi-purpose projects excel over traditional irrigation projects?

Multi-purpose Projects excel over Traditional Irrigation Projects: Since Independence, we have planned our economic activities to achieve ‘self-reliance’ and improve the standard of living of our people. We have adopted several measures for this purpose. Managing our water resources is one of these purposes. In India, one region experiences floods while the other famines simultaneously.

Geographical Factors that determine India Climate

Geographical Factors that determine India Climate: The Himalayas- The Himalayas form the northern frontiers of India. They act as a climatic divide between the Indian Sub-Continent and the rest of Asia. The mountains protect India from the cold winds of Central Asia in winter. They also create barriers for the South-west Monsoon winds and force

Ocean Currents and its Effects

What is Ocean Currents? Large amounts of water in the oceans move from one part to the other. It may take the form of a current or a drift. The constant flow of water on the surface of the ocean as a stream in a definite direction is called an ocean current. These currents are

Geography GK From IAS Exam 2004 and 2005

Geography GK From IAS Exam 2004 and 2005: 1. Match List-I (National Park/Sanctuary) with List-II (State) and select the correct answer using the codes given below List-I List-II (A) Kanger Ghati National Park (1) Chhattisgarh (B) Nagerhole National Park (2) Haryana (C) Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary (3) Himachal Pradesh (D) Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (4) Karnataka Codes:(A) A-3;