Difference Between Thermal Power and Hydel Power

Difference Between Thermal Power and Hydel Power:

The following are the points of difference between thermal power and hydel power.

Thermal PowerHydel Power
Thermal power is that power that is generated by consuming fossil fuels and atomic minerals. Coal, natural gas, petroleum, thorium, radium etc.Hydel power is generated by using water to move turbines. Water is the only source.
Fossil fuels and atomic minerals are exhaustible resources. Hence thermal power may not be going on to be generated regularly in the future to come.Water is an inexhaustible resource. Hence we will go on generating hydel power till the time the sun and oceans are present in the universe.
Its supply is uncertain.Its supply is perennial.
The steam moves turbine to produce thermal power, water is also needed to make steam.The pressure of water is directly used to move turbines to produce hydel power.
It is costly.It is cheap.
Thermal power stations cause air and sound pollution.There is no pollution caused by hydel power stations.
Thermal power stations can be built far away from the source of fossil fuels and atomic minerals.It is essential to set up hydel power stations on the rivers.
The total installed capacity of thermal power in the country was 6200 crore kilowatts in 1996-97.The total installed capacity of hydel power in India was 2170 crore kilowatts in 1996-97.

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