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environment nios - NIOS Environmental Science
Environment through Ages
Ecological Concepts and Issues
Human Impact on Environment
Contemporary Environment Issues
Environmental Conversation
Sustainable Development
Environmental Management
Water Resource Management
Energy and Environment

CISF 2018 EXAM and AC 2017 EXAM

  • Which one of the following is the largest component of the soil system ? (a) Living organisms (b) Mineral matters (c) Soil solution (d) Soil organic matter – Mineral matters.
  • Kingdom Monera includes (a) Euglenoids and Protozoans (b) Archaebacteria and Eubacteria (c) Fungi and Phycomycetes (d) Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes – Archaebacteria and Eubacteria.
  • Binomial nomenclature means (a) Biological names are generally in Latin and written in italics. The first word is the genus and the second word is the species. (b) Biological names are generally taken from father and mother. (c) Biological name originates from order and genus. (d) Biological name originates from phylum and genus. – (a).
  • In dialysis for kidney failure patients, the dialysing fluid is iso-osmotic to (a) Blood (b) Urine (c) Water (d) Body fluid – Blood.
  • Young children with vitamin D deficiency have trouble in absorbing which of the following minerals ? (a) Calcium and Phosphorus (b) Iron and Sodium (c) Sodium and Potassium (d) Zinc and Iron – Calcium and Phosphorus.
  • The X-chromosome linked colour blindness affects the ability to detect the difference between which of the following lights ? (a) Green light and red light (b) Yellow light and blue light (c) Blue light and violet light (d) Yellow light and red light – Green light and red light.
  • Which one of the following determines the direction of induced current ? (a) Fleming’s left hand rule (b) Fleming’s right hand rule (c) Fe3Himan’s left hand rule (d) Right hand thumb rule – Fleming’s right hand rule.
  • Which one of the following statements about the Principle of Calorimetry is correct ? (a) It is always valid. (b) It is valid when temperature is constant. (c) It is valid only when there is no change of state. (d) It is valid only under equilibrium condition. – (c).
  • Which one of the following gases is not responsible for global warming ? (a) Water vapour (b) Chlorofluorocarbons (c) Nitrogen (d) Methane – Nitrogen.
  • Which one of the following is an eco-friendly solvent ? (a) Liquid ammonia (b) Carbon disulphide (c) Benzene (d) Water – Water.
  • Graphite is a good conductor of electricity. It is because of its (a) linear structure (b) tetrahedral structure (c) triangular planar structure (d) hexagonal multilayer structure – hexagonal multilayer structure.
  • Which one of the following elements has the oxidation state as +7 ? (a) Nitrogen (b) Phosphorus (c) Manganese (d) Magnesium – Manganese.
  • Which one among the following is responsible for the command, control and operational decisions of nuclear weapons in India ? (a) Nuclear Commission of India (b) Nuclear Command Authority (c) The Ministry of Defence (d) The Cabinet Committee on Security – Nuclear Command Authority.
  • Which artificial sweeteners is modified sugar – Sucralose.
  • Which polymer is made of protein – Wool.   
  • Disease caused by the consumption of water contaminated by mercury and nitrate – Minamata disease & Blue baby syndrome. 
  • Study of a single species and the environmental factors in its habitat is called – Autecology.    
  • The ecological niche of an organism relates to – specific habitat of the organism.   
  • Free swimming macroscopic animals in an aquatic environment are referred to as – Nekton.   
  • Accumulation of increasing amount of non-degradable pollutant through food chain – Biomagnification.   
  • Carborundum is used as abrasive, because it – is extremely hard.

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