Importance of means of Transport in the Modern Age

Importance of means of Transport in the Modern Age:

In the modern age, the means of transport include roads, railways, airways and waterways. They are very important to us for the following reasons-

  • The waterways directly transport heavy and bulky raw material for the industries and secondary products. The seas and oceans promote international trade.
  • Railways and roadways transport passengers and their goods from one place to another. They have saved both time and energy.
  • At the time of foreign aggressions means of transport play a vital role in supplying food and artillery to the soldiers on the battlefronts.
  • At the time of natural calamities like flood, famine, earthquakes etc. the means of transport supply the required assistance at shortest intervals.
  • The means of transport integrate and unite the nation. They bring the people living in various places closer to one another. They promote the feeling of oneness and consolidate national unity.
  • Air transport is a great time saver. It can take us anywhere in the world in the shortest ever period. Distances have no meaning today.
Compare the Roads and the Railways as means of transport:
  • It is easy to build and maintain the roads.
  • The cost of constructing the roads is less than that of railways.
  • The gradient of the slope does not affect the construction of roads. Hence, in the hilly areas, it is easier to build roads than railways.
  • As the trains leave at fixed times, the passengers and the luggage can not be transported to the desired places at the desired time. The roads server this purpose very well. They carry men and material at their doorsteps.
  • In covering short distances, the roads are more convenient than railways.
  • The railway lines cannot be laid all over the country. The various parts of the country can be easily joined by the roads. When the villages are connected with the roads, the job of transporting the village products becomes easy.

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